Since she was a kid, Santhia Beaujour had always been passionate about hair. As a skinny child with a head full of hair, her unique tresses were always noticeable. However, after giving birth and undergoing anesthesia, she began to experience hair loss. Determined and motivated, Santhia tapped into her creativity and embarked on a journey to restore her hair's health and volume. Through her homemade concoctions and diligent care, her hair made a remarkable recovery in just two months.

Santhia's transformation didn't go unnoticed by her family, especially her curious cousin. Eager to share her newfound hair care secrets, Santhia generously shared her homemade mix with her cousin and a few close friends. To their amazement, their thin and weak hair started to grow stronger and longer. Witnessing the transformative power of her natural hair care recipes, Santhia realized she could provide these effective solutions to a wider audience.

Thus, NATIRÈL CROWN was born. Santhia Beaujour, the founder, couldn't have been happier or prouder of her mission. NATIRÈL CROWN offered a range of hair care products, all free of sulfates and chemicals. Santhia knew that her products not only promoted hair growth, but they also boosted confidence. Understanding the impact of hair on women's self-esteem, Santhia aimed to make every person feel beautiful. With NATIRÈL CROWN, she aspired to empower individuals, helping them embrace their natural hair and radiate confidence from within.